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Every Friday night in Paris throughout the year starting at 22h30 there is the famous randonnée, in which thousands of rollerbladers hit the streets for a three hour circuit of 30 kilometres, with police escort and first-aiders on hand. Exhilerating. Last time I participated, one of my wheels fell off and I narrowly avoided a major pile up.

There is a similar event on Sunday afternoons, but it’s a bit too tame for my liking. People take their prams and poodles.


Visited the Musée d’Orsay last week. They have a new acquisition – Edward Burne-Jones’ tapestry The Adoration of the Kings. It’s always been one of my favourite nativity scenes, but to see the original hanging there close enough to touch was one of those special moments. I had a hard job tearing myself away from it.

Happy Christmas to friends and family around the world!

PS. I fly to Togo on 3rd January.

Edward Burne Jones The Adoration of the Kings (1887)

Edward Burne Jones The Adoration of the Kings (1887)