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Today I had a meeting with three members of the Académie Kabiyè. I presented my two books to the President and also raised the idea of creating a Kabiye Wikipedia, only to be told that the Secretary has already set it up. Even better. So far it has no content in it, so that’s where I think my research team can help out. Watch this space…


New CarThis week I went down to the port with a local mechanic to look at vehicles. There are thousands available. Finally settled on a 2007 silver-grey Toyota Landcruiser 4×4. That’s the same model as I had previously, but more recent. I was able to negotiate a reasonable price with the seller, for which he also deals with customs clearance, number plates and insurance on my behalf. Only one problem: the instruction manual is in Danish. Well, I never do instruction manuals anyway. Many thanks indeed to all the donors, walkers and volunteers who made this important purchase possible.

Well, I arrived safely in Lomé, bleary-eyed at 3.30am. Menteleyi was at the airport to welcome me. Here are some of the things I’m enjoying about being back:

Wearing shorts and flip-flops.

Three showers a day.

Coconut palm fronds swaying in the sea breeze.

Masses of cheap fresh fruit: papayas, mangos, pineapples…

The smiles, the welcome, the easy of contact in Africa.


Only seven days to go before I fly to Africa, so I thought it was about time I started updating this blog again (after a break of three years). This morning, the cashier at the bank said to me “I bet you’re surrounded by cardboard boxes aren’t you?” Well, actually, no. True to my minimalist instincts, just one large suitcase.