Archives for the month of: April, 2014

Just recovering from five days in bed doing battle with some old enemies: amoebas. The medicine for it is effective, but gives a metallic taste to everything you eat and drink. Try chewing a fork and you’ll get the idea. Faustin looked after me brilliantly, fetching meals from the dining room, shopping, and reporting on progress with the house repairs. I’m better now and back on track.


New ceiling

Painting the new ceiling in the kitchen, replacing the one the termites got.

New tin roof

The new roof on Faustin’s room. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to find straw for thatching, and because it needs replacing every three years, it gets expensive. So I reluctantly switched to tin, but am actually very pleased with the result.

Builder or ticket collector?

Menteleyi arrives to put a sink unit in the kitchen and tile the shower (I finally gave in after 18 years…). On the back of his yellow overalls it says “SW trains ticket collector”.

Mosquito screens

New mosquito screens for the oratory windows. There’s a new kind available on the market, made of aluminium so they don’t rust in the rain.

Faustin the foreman

Faustin is doing an excellent job organizing the repairs to my house. He’s coordinating the work of about a dozen guys who are working there every day – carpenters, builders, painters, electricians and plumbers. I try to get involved as little as possible.

Loading the car

Loading the car with new roof beams to take up the mountain. Note the Cornish flag, mark of my new minority status.


Carl weaving his Macmagic

I spent the Easter weekend with my good friends Carl and Ursula at the beautiful Cascades du Kota in Benin – the first time our paths have crossed since 2009, so we had a lot to catch up on. Then we traveled further north to their place in Tanguieta where I spent three days working on computer stuff with Carl… and fending off the dog.

I had to shake the ants out of my toothbrush this morning before using it.

One of my Kabiye friends yesterday: “Now that you’re back at last, I want you to stay here till you die, and I myself am going to bury you.”