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Yellow-mantled widowbird

Clear sighting of a yellow mantled widowbird on the windy mountain road from Gnangbadè up to Saoudè for the traditional wrestling rite of passage.

On Saturday, we attended the ordination of nine priests in Cové (Benin). It was by far the longest mass any of us had ever been to: five and a half hours, and since we arrived early and it didn’t start on time, we were in church for a full seven and a half hours.
A sign of the times: I noticed that several of the young African seminary students in the seats around me were accessing the Latin text of the Veni Creator Spiritus on their smartphones and tablets.


Yesterday, we jumped a major hurdle. Faustin (my assistant) finally obtained his national identity card, eight years after first filling in the application form. This means that at long last he can take his driving test, six years after learning to drive.