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Pandja, one of the guys who lodges at my place, is on the final day of a malaria treatment. He must be feeling bettter: he caught this black-crowned tchagra with his bare hands this morning. Then came the usual debate about whether or not to give it to the cat… but in the end it escaped of its own accord.


Kabiye Wikipedia

In the four months since we started, 50 articles have been translated from French into Kabiye and uploaded onto the Kabiye Wikipedia. The pages stay in an ‘incubator’ for moderation until we can demonstrate that there are enough Kabiye people contributing and correcting articles to make it worthwhile.

Surprise in a Cornish graveyard

Surprise in a Cornish graveyard

Seven hooded vultures flap by, slowly, menacingly, in the direction of the abattoir.
Hooded vultures

I’ve recently started using to share my research.