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In Cobly, northern Benin, recording Mbelimé readers reading texts with and without tone marks to see which works best. On to Tanguieta and Dassa to do the same thing in Nateni and Idaasha in the coming days


That twice I’ve flown with Asky (or however you pronounce it…) and twice they’ve mislaid my luggage.

That has never happened to me with a bush taxi.

Arrived back in Lomé suitcaseless and had no choice but to head straight to Hedjeranawoé market to buy a new set of clothes, as I was expected for meetings in the north of Benin the following day. Finally got my luggage back ten days later, so now I’m inundated with clothes. Any takers?

No apologies, no reimbursement for the inconvenience from Asky (…just how do you pronounce it anyway?)

Bless them.

One of the most striking differences between Togo and Nigeria is the availability of electricity and water. In Togo we complain if it goes off for an hour. In Nigeria, they’re thankful if it comes on for an hour. But those who live there quickly learn to be philosophical about it. As one of them said “Let’s be thankful: We still have gravity.”