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Had my final milk tooth out today, fifty years late. The dentist said about one in ten people retain a milk tooth into adulthood.



The Kabiye Wikipedia now has more than 600 articles in it. Recent topics include explorers, inventors, law, physics, and capital cities.

From closed systems of thought
And self-referential sub-cultures
Good Lord deliver us.
It’s interesting to note how neighbours and friends respond to my mistakes when I speak Kabiye.
Some have got used to them and filter them out.
Another used to correct them but has long-since given up.
Others simply aren’t interested enough to be bothered.
Then there’s Mauril. No-one else in the village has his degree of language awareness. Often, in a group, he’ll sit beside me discretely correcting me. He’ll not only point out the mistake, but also explain why I made it. He’ll patiently model the correct version as many times as I need it. He’ll provide a clear, simple summary when I’ve lost the thread of the conversation.
Every language learner needs a Mauril.