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Just on my way back to Africa this evening. Having a hire car was great, it meant I could zip around all over the place and connect with friends and family I wouldn’t have seen otherwise. But it ended on a sour note. @GreenMotionUK just charged me an extra 138 pounds for a tiny, barely visible scratch on the front wheel. No idea how it got there, and no time to lodge a formal complaint because I have a plane to catch. Grrrr. Think twice before you hire a car from @GreenMotionUK. End of rant.




Heading back to Togo Tomorrow. I’ll be staying at the Hôtel Geyser for a few days on my way north – a favorite watering hole.

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Having fun catching up with old friends Justin and Ali. We go back a long way, we were in London together as students. Sleeping in a caravan in the garden. Cozy. They have a Yamaha upright, so I have been providing some rusty, unconvincing renderings of Chopin Waltzes (B minor, E minor, F minor, Eb major…). Do I miss the piano in Africa? No, but once I am in a room with a piano in it, my fingers are itching to get to it. About to go and eat in the garden…

Just snuck to England for a week to present a paper at a linguistics conference. Just a quick hop across the Sahara, after all. Arrived to find Sussex bathed in late summer sunshine: England at its best.