Archives for the month of: February, 2016

This evening, made the mistake of brushing my teeth in the dark. Didn’t spot the green stink bug perched on the toothbrush bristles until it was actually in my mouth. Suddenly the all too familiar, nauseating odor became a taste. Stopped short of swallowing it fortunately, but spent the next five minutes rinsing my mouth with copious amounts of water.

1. I can store thousands of books on it yet it’s lighter than a paperback.
2. I don’t need a bedside lamp anymore.
3. After I’ve gone to sleep, it does.
4. The battery lasts for weeks, and when it’s low I get plenty of warning.
5. I can highlight passages and look up definitions.
6. I can change the font size and margin width.
7. I can pick up again exactly where I left off.
8. I can set the interface to another language.
9. It adds hardly anything to my baggage allowance when I fly.
10. I can buy books easily even though I live 280 miles from the nearest bookshop.

While traveling down to Lomé last week, I was dismayed to see that the new Bafilo bypass is closed. Instead, I had to take the old road that goes up over the famous Faille d’Aledjo otherwise known as ‘the lorry graveyard’. Apparently they they are having to completely resurface the new road again, less than a year after it was opened, because the job was badly done the first time. With the minimal resources that Togo has, it is heartbreaking to see this.